"Following several false starts in trying to set up a website I finally contacted Mike Caddy, having come across his name by chance via artcraftweb.co.uk This proved to be the most productive move that I made during 2010.

His response was immediate, and in a short while he had given shape to my often vague ideas about what it was that I actually wanted to achieve.

Over the past two years of working together we have developed the site further, and his input has remained consistent and greatly valued.
I can't imagine how he could have helped me more, and I have no reservations in recommending him to anyone intending to launch a business venture utilising the world-wide web."

Mike working on one of his websites

About Me


On the 'Why Have Your Own Website' page I suggest some of the reasons why craftmakers and artists really do need their own websites these days.
But I expect you've already looked at that page and are wondering why you should place your trust in me.

First, I'm an artist. I understand the challenges involved in making work that people will part with their own money for; I know how hard it is to present work so it looks good online; and I know something of the economics of the craft and art worlds!

Second, I've studied design and website development and have worked in the marketing world for more years than I'd confess to. So I have an 'outside in' perspective which helps me to present your work online in a way that others will admire and appreciate.

Third, I'm capable of taking your raw images with some guidance from you and building up the content - minimising demands on your time. I write professional copy so you don't need to become a wordsmith as well as an artist! If additional photographs are needed, I can arrange to take them.

Fourth, I understand how important it is to present the person too - especially where you're aiming to secure interest from galleries, reach trade buyers or win prestigious commissions.

Fifth, I have the technical knowledge to help you decide on key matters - to host or not to host - for example. I'll make it as straightforward as I can.

And finally, I have a network of artists, graphics designers, journalists, web techies and photographers so I can provide a complete service where needed on bigger projects, without requiring you to co-ordinate a number of other people.

Of course, if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them, in plain English!

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