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Can your customers find you on the Internet? And if they do, will they like what they see?

If you're an artist like me, you'll have spent years (perhaps a lifetime) developing your style, building your reputation and acquiring technical skills. And then the web comes along and you need new skills to exploit the possibilities!

Well, that's where I come in. As a marketing person, I understand how the web has changed the world. Properly exploited, the web can act as a resource, a place for like-minded artists and craftworkers to get together, and as a fantastic showcase for what makes your endeavours so rewarding - your work.

Now you can have a professional-looking, flexible and updateable website affordably, and without knowing the technicalities. I offer simple packages aimed at craftworkers and artists who want to start their online business, develop their presence, or begin selling online.
And if you already have a site but want to make it work harder for you, then I'll help with that too.

Thanks for reading this far...let's get started!
Mike Caddy
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